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한국연구재단 (교육과학기술부, 도약과제, No. 2010-0029227)
(The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, No. 2010-0029227)

- Construction of hardware systems for high precision hybrid manufacturing
- Standardization of hardware operations and building up software for high precision manufacturing
- Producing nano/micro systems based on hybrid manufacturing

  In this work we suggest new 3D printing process: combination of Nano particle deposition system(NPDS) and nano-scale machining Focused ion beam(FIB). We construct new hardware/software systems for manufacture of 50nm-scale 3D structure with various hybrid materials, and we expect the systems to create application fields which have a great ripple effect. Professor Kun woo Lee(Development of software for nano-scale structure implementation) from SNU and Sun young Lee(Evaluation of materials) from Hanyang University are collaborating with us.




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